Be Prepared

Once again springtime storms hit this week!  I have been doing a lot of community workshops discussing the importance of having you and your family prepared.  The more prepared you are the less stress you will experience.  This is true for you, and especially true for your kids.

It seems this year the storms are arriving during a time of transition for many families – between school/work and getting home.  This reminds us that we always need to stay weather aware and have a plan “B”.

Staying weather aware simply means you are keeping an eye on where storms are in relation to where you are at and/or where you are trying to go.  Home may not be the best place for you to travel.  Try to get everyone home in plenty of time before the storm is due to arrive at your house.  If this isn’t possible, then what is the plan for everyone.  This needs to be discussed and decided before the sirens start to blow!  Never try to outrun or ride out a storm in your car.

Another important part of getting prepared is a “kit”.  Most of the time this would be kept at home where you plan to shelter – cellar, bathroom, closet.  However, it might be a good idea to have some of these basic supplies in the care just in case you are not able to make it home.

Here are some great resources to help you and your family get prepared before the next wave of storms pass through.

Build a Kit:

Important Papers:

American Red Cross – Be Prepared, Make a Plan, Build a Kit:


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