Annoying Summer Mosquitoes

Annoying Summer Mosquitoes

They are already making an appearance at my house – pesky mosquitoes.  In my family, we tend to get several bites, which then swell and itch for days!  The main control for mosquitoes is to eliminate standing water; however that isn’t possible for some households.  Either due to water features in landscaping and gardens, or livestock troughs.   Right now it is hard for everyone with springtime rains coupled with summertime temperatures.

According to OSU Fact Sheet:  Household Pest Control EEP-7312, only females bite, and immature stages of mosquitoes cannot develop without water in which to live. Eliminating standing water outside will help reduce mosquito problems. Repellents containing DEET (e.g., OFF, Metadelphene, Delphene, Deepwoods, or Cutters) or ethyl hexanedial (Rutgers 612) are effective.

NOTE: See OSU Extension Facts No. 7012 for more information on mosquito control.

According to Pottawatomie County Horticulture Educator, George Driever, there is a biological product which can be used in areas where it is necessary to leave water – fish ponds, watering troughs, bird baths, etc.  It is a tablet placed in the water which contains bacteria which kill mosquito larvae, but is safe for animals.  It does not work for chlorinated water, however. He has provided an example of a label for this product.


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