Home Canning – Art or Science?

Many marvel at the rows of canned produce at the county fair, or in your favorite magazine but the thought of doing it yourself is too overwhelming!  Home food preservation has been around for years.  Once a necessity for families, it has now become more of a hobby or creative outlet for today’s cooks.  BUT – don’t let creativity land you, or a loved one, in the hospital due to improperly canned food.

Food Preservation is a science more than an art.  Be sure you are using reliable recipes, yes; all food preservation requires a recipe!  So if you are going rogue with your canned salsa or relish, you could be in potential danger.  Here is a great, easy to use, reliable website to help meet your canning needs.  Whether you are a beginner or pro this is a super resource!

National Center for Home Food Preservation http://nchfp.uga.edu/ has recipes for water bath canning and pressure canning, as well as freezing and drying.  If you don’t know the difference in canning methods, don’t fret, there are videos and training’s to help you learn!

As always the Extension Service can test the accuracy of your pressure canner gauge.  Many can be tested immediately (as long as I am in the office), so call if you plan to stop by.  The OSU Extension Family and Consumer Science programs is also hosting 2 hands-on canning workshops this summer – see this flyer for more information.

2016 canning workshop flyer


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