They Are GONE – Ideas for Vacated Kids Rooms!

Although bittersweet, when a child leaves the nest there is more room!  Some families may choose to leave a room alone for a while after their child moves out, but eventually it will become time to change the room into something more suitable for you.

As you ponder the possibilities, here are a few considerations and ideas.

What do you need most – a bed, storage, office or hobby room?

Some families still need an extra bed room for multiple guests, others don’t.  Some people are bursting at the seams (or closets) for more storage space.  Whatever the case may be, there are great opportunities to make the space your own.  After all, it has technically been yours all along!

Using this space for multiple purposes may be the best answer for most.  Since the area may not need traditional bedroom furniture, like a dresser or hutch, this may open the space for a desk and some storage items.  Look for furniture that can serve two functions.  A nice filing cabinet can also serve as a night stand.  Use shelving with decorative baskets for storage which can give the room a feeling of comfort as a bedroom, but functional space of an office.

Re-design the closet!  Again, since the closet may no longer need to be used primarily for clothes storage, it can be re-designed with shelving, hooks and other items to meet your storage needs.  Make a list of items you would like to move around from other areas.  Once you are able to determine the size, shape and number of items you would like to store it will help you determine the containers or shelving right for you.  I do recommend shelving which can be adjusted, as needed.  Just as this space is changing now, it may need to change again in the future.

If a complete room re-do is what you are looking for then the sky is the limit!  But some of the same questions should come to mind.  Start with exactly what items you want in the room – sewing machine, scrapbook table, craft storage, etc.  Look on-line at room ideas for inspiration, and continually think about how to use one item for two purposes.  A craft table could also be a storage unit underneath, or a desk can also serve as a sewing table.

This can be a great experience for many home owners, and give them a new space for their special interest or decorating style.  Don’t worry, the kids will only be shocked the first few times they come home and their room is gone.  Growing pains are hard, but redecorating can be so much fun!



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