Lazy Day Lunches

Last year the OSU Extension Office, completed a Wellness Challenge to bring our lunch to work instead of going out to eat.  I wish I could tell you I blew this one out of the water, but … I just blew it!  Not because I don’t feel that lunches brought from home are the best for me nutritionally and financially, but because I simply could not get it together each morning to even think about lunch before I left the house. 

Leave it to one of my talented co-workers in Family and Consumer Science to come to my rescue (although way too late for me to catch up and win the challenge!).  Jessica Riggin, FCS Educator for Lincoln County, and also a busy working mom, posted this great site on her blog “Jessica’s Kitchen Table”.

It gives great ideas on how to prepare a week’s worth of lunches at one time by using a cool storage tub and a dry storage tub.  Spend one amount of time cutting and bagging fruits and veggies in lunch-sized portions, along with an assortment of small prepackaged items like cheese sticks and yogurt.  Place all of these items in a small tub in the refrigerator.  Make another tub for your pantry with prepackaged crackers, dried fruit, etc.  Make up several sandwiches and wraps to throw in the freezer. 

When it’s time to run out the door, everyone grabs what they want, throw it in the bag and go!  I may have to talk my co-workers into another lunch challenge in the future.  With these ideas, I may be able to win the next time around.


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