Organizing for Fall – Home Office

A full summer most likely means piles of papers, gizmos and what-not on your kitchen counters, shelves and home office space!  Here are a few tips for getting your home office back into shape.

With the computer off, turn keyboard upside down and shake out any crumbs. Dust computer monitor with electronic wipes, eyeglass cleaning cloth or even a used dryer sheet. Dust keys with an air duster or a small, clean paint brush.

If you have a desktop computer, check for a side panel that can be removed. To clean, use the soft brush on your canister vacuum to get deep in the core.

Don’t forget your purse! Assess your wallet and clean out items you don’t need. Say “good-bye” to that pool pass! File any important receipts or cards in a safe place — ideally in a file cabinet in your home office.

A clean home office will keep you efficient and organized year-round.  Next week we will tackle tips for keeping a family calendar functioning all year!





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