Organizing For Fall – Calendar Tricks

Families have different needs when it comes to a calendar, however whether you are a family of two or a family of six, you need a family calendar to stay organized and less stressed!

There is always the standard calendar on the fridge idea, however with today’s technology taking advantage of calendar apps and software can really help busy families.  Everyone can have their individual calendars, but add events to the “shared” family calendar at a moment’s notice.

Syncing up everyone’s calendars makes it easier to plan downtime on the weekends and evenings. Being on the same page about what’s coming up makes it easier to plan ahead and relax.  It saves time when trying to deal with scheduling an event, or if something comes up spur of the moment.  For example, a friend calls about an event.  No need to call everyone to check schedules.  Just pull up the calendar to see what everyone has going.

Regardless of your calendar methods, techno or paper there are a few simple tips to make them work well.

Use a Calendar with large day areas and areas for notes each month.

  1. Assign each family member their own color.  No need to write who the appointment is for as long as you use their color. Use black for total family events that include everyone.
  2. Add birthdays to the bottom of each day in the same color throughout the calendar to keep it looking consistent.
  3. Use abbreviations in the upper corner to note if there is NS=no school or NW=no work.  Keep it in black or the color assigned to the specific person.
  4. Draw lines across the bottom of the week for long events in the color assigned to the person. Keeps it tidy.

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