Already Sick of “What’s For Dinner”?

I live this every day!  I used to be much better at planning my meals, making my grocery list and cooking meals at home.  However, with summertime, a four year old and life in general the habit has been lost.

Now I find myself driving home wondering “What’s for dinner”.  I have even resorted to calling my best friend or sister, only to ask them what they are fixing so I don’t have to try to think of something!!  It is sad. 

So if you need to be inspired, like me, here are the simple, tried and true ways to get your family back on track for eating meals at home.  Since we are a very busy, yet small family here is something I do a little different.  I only plan for 4 nights a week since we will inevitably be gone one night a week, and more than that tends to over run our refrigerator with leftovers. 

One night use the crockpot, another is on the grill, one night is a convenience meal (frozen lasagna, frozen burritos, etc.) and the fourth night a new recipe.  Using this method helps me mix and match easy cooking methods with a variety of foods.  When I first start getting “back into the habit” I stick with simple meals I know well, with the addition of one new seasonal recipe.  Lately, my Facebook feed has given me the new recipe ideas, but there are many easy websites and resources for recipes these days.

After a month, I begin to focus on recipes and meals which offer more variety and nutritional value.  But, the first step is getting back into the habit


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