30 Days/30 Items – Closet Clean Out

I love this idea so much!  I blogged about this last Fall too, and think it is worthy of a re-post for sure!  I think it is great to do it at the end of a season as we transition our clothes for a new one coming in.  Plus, this is the time of year I am in my daughters closet getting ready for kid consignment sales so why not do some cleaning on mine as well?

Let’s face it!  We all have a closet full of clothes, and many of them we haven’t worn in YEARS.  So, to help us clean out and get organized as we start the fall season, here is a challenge.  There are several 30 Day wardrobe challenges popular on Pinterest and Blog sites right now that help you explore your style, but this site helps you get more out of what you have by helping you decide what to keep and what to toss.

Basically, you pick out 7 of our favorite wardrobe items – 7 tops, 7 bottoms, etc. and try to limit your shoes and accessories to 3-4 pairs.  Then spend the next 30 days mixing and matching your items into different outfits.  Once you spend a month with these items, you can determine what items you removed from your closet that you really missed, then get rid of the rest!



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