Fall Decorating Made Easy

As I drove down Broadway in Shawnee the other day I noticed all of the fall themed decorations popping up in doorways and walks, as well as the pumpkin patch at First Christian.  This got me thinking about what to do for my own house this year and how far behind I am already!  So, if you are like me looking for a quick “throw together” fall décor for your house this weekend here are a few ideas.

Wreaths are always a quick addition to add a touch of seasonal decorating to the house.  And using the great colors of nature, or even natural materials makes this an easy project.  If a traditional wreath doesn’t excite you then change it up.  A new trend, and something I saw this last week is a square wreath.  A friend from church made one for her parents because her Dad posed the question of why do wreaths have to be round!  She made a square out of wire and covered it with burlap, ribbon and a few fall flowers.  Another easy square wreath can be made from an old picture frame.  Remove the center cardboard or glass, paint or cover the frame with fall colors and add a few flowers, pine cones or other fall materials.  I am sure a quick Pinterest search will offer you a large number of examples and ideas for decorating these wreaths.

If you want to add a fall flare to the inside of your house an easy idea is to simply fill a clear vase with candy corn or fresh cranberries and add a fall candle in the middle.  Fill a bowl with pine cones, or add a few small bare branches to an existing flower arrangement.

If all else fails, simply setting a pumpkin (un-carved is fine!) and throw some pansies or mum in a pot!!  Most people enjoy fall weather and decorations, but with fall being one of the busiest times for families, it is sometimes overwhelming to get the little extras done.


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