Fire Safety Month

So those of us who have small children have been given the reminder that October is Fire Safety Month from the local Fire Department clown programs going on all over the County!  But for those who don’t have that reminder, it is still a great idea to give some thought about some basic Fire Safety Planning.

My four year old helped to remind me that we have not done a very good job on letting her know our “family meeting place” in case we are separated during a fire.  The clowns told her the mail box could be a good place (however, our mailbox is across a very busy State Highway!), so we made a new plan!  This is important for families with children, but equally important for those with elderly residents.  It can be very confusing in times of crisis.  It is important that every family, regardless of ages, have a designated meeting place outside the home in case of a fire.

Another great reminder are the simple phases to have in your head in case you need to act during a fire – Get Low and GO!  If there is smoke in the house it is a best practice to crawl out of the house to stay below the thick smoke you might encounter.  Again, due to an unfortunate “mouse” issue, my youngest demonstrated this across the dinning room and out the back door when our oven caught fire this week.  *the mouse issue is for another blog, tune in next week and I will explain and offer suggestions!!

Last, but certainly not least is the practice of changing the batteries in your smoke detectors the same weekend as Daylight Saving time which is just past October this year – November 5th.

Here is a great flyer from the American Red Cross to make sure you cover all the needed actions to keep your family safe –



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