Thanksgiving Count Down!

Has is hit you yet?  Thanksgiving is this week!  So, are a few simple things to help get you through the week happy, healthy and accomplished.


  • Be sure you have all of the ingredients for your thanksgiving dishes and desserts.  Today is a better day to hit the grocery store then Tuesday night or Wednesday.
  • Also, if you are “in charge” of the big bird this year – put it in the refrigerator today so it is defrosted by Thursday morning.


  • This should be “leftover” night to help you clean out the refrigerator for all the extra food and leftovers on their way in over the next few days.
  • This is also when you want to survey your holiday decorations to see if you need to replace or get any new items (since many decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving you want those items ready so you can avoid Black Friday shopping traffic).
  • Make your Black Friday list and “game plan” most store ads are already available online.


  • If you are hosting the big event, today is a great day to do last minute cleaning, get out your place settings and serving dishes.
  • Consider making many of your side dishes today.  Make sure you have plenty of ice.
  • Get extra ice chests out to use for cold items that won’t fit in the refrigerator.  Another one can be used to keep hot items hot through the morning, to help rotate items out of the oven better.


  • Enjoy your family – the meal, be thankful!
  • Don’t leave food out on the table all day for “people to just graze on”!  (a lovely Oklahoma phrase and practice)  Follow the two hour rule.  After two hours at room temperature Bacteria begins to multiply rapidly causing food poisoning.
  • Put food away in refrigerator or ice chests.  Then leave out paper products for people to use and microwave leftovers to 160 degrees.



  • Make sure you follow electric safety with your outdoor holiday lighting.  Only use lights and extension cords designed for outdoors.
  • Sit down with your family to determine Holiday events and “must do” items.  Place them on calendars.


  • This is the last day for your leftovers!
  • Relax!  The next 4 weeks will be fast and furious – take a moment to be calm and enjoy the holiday season!!

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