Still struggling with Organization?

 “I WILL get organized this year!” How many times have we made or heard that resolution? Here’s an idea that may help:  Getting organized begins with decluttering.  Maybe what you need to do is get rid of the “stuff” or clutter in your life which drains you of time and energy and fills your space with distractions. 

New Year goal still alluding you?  Don’t give up here are some simple questions to ask your self each time you run across and item.

You may need to get rid of it if: ” it’s broken or obsolete (and fixing it is unrealistic); you’ve outgrown it, physically or emotionally; you’ve always hated it; it’s the wrong size, wrong color, or wrong style; using it is more bother than it’s worth; it wouldn’t really affect you if you never saw it again; it generates bad feelings; you have to clean it, store it, and insure it (but you don’t get much use or enjoyment out of it); it will shock, bore, or burden the coming generation.”(Aslett p. 221)

You may need to keep it if it: “generates love and good feelings; helps you make a living; will do something you need done; gives you more than it takes; will enrich or delight the coming generation.” (Aslett p. 221)

To sum up, getting organized begins with decluttering.

Following a few simple guidelines can help you judge between what is and what is not clutter.

Source: Read Clutter’s Last Stand by Don Aslett
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