Lady Bug, Lady Bug fly away home!

Maybe because we live in the country we tend to deal with household pest more than others, however recently I have heard others with the same “lady bug” plight!

So what is the deal with these little critters invading my home?  According to George Driever, Pottawatomie County Horticulture Agent this is the answer to Why they are here and how to get them out.

We are seeing them now because they are trying to make their way back outside.  Since we have experienced warmer weather the past few days these bugs believe it is time to go outside, unfortunately they will all go back into the walls as the temps go down again this week!!

Two easy ways to “help” them on their journey back outside.  Since the lady bug is a beneficial insect we would like to keep them alive and use the least toxic method.

Use a shop vac to suck them up and then dump the canister in the yard.

They are thirsty.  Clean out a 20 ounce pop bottle and put a small amount of water (add a little sugar if desired).  Lay the bottle on it’s side in a window seal.  The bugs will climb in for a drink.  After sometime of collecting bugs you can take the bottle outside for them to find their way to a new home.

Keep these tips handy – I think the great lady bug migration may take a while with this crazy weather!


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