Sneezing, Wheezing and Blowing!

Each March allergies hit my family full force!  We are definitely seasonal allergy sufferers, and living in rural Oklahoma is not a friendly place for us this time of year.  In fact, this week my daughter declared Bradford Pears as sneezing trees which are evil.  I don’t think she is alone in her suffering as the white blooms appear all over town.  So what should we do?  Along with various remedies to help with symptoms, we can do a lot in our homes to help our loved ones as they suffer through the spring.

Your vacuum cleaner should be your best friend right now.  The more pollen and allergens you can suck up in that bag the less there are floating in your home.  Furniture, bedding, carpets, etc. need to be vacuumed almost daily.

Bedding should be washed more often as well, at a minimum once a week.  A more economical and convenient solution for some may be a before bed bath.  This will help keep allergens out of your bed, but will also remove them from your hair and body.

Shut the blinds and curtains.  Especially on extremely windy days.  This will trap more dust and pollen at the window instead of letting it come into the room.  It will also be important to wet dust and mop surfaces more often.

Go to a two rug system at every door.  One on the outside and one on the inside.  This minimizes the amount of foot traffic brought in by people and pets.

Most important this time of year is changing the Air Filter on your heat and air systems every 30 days.  Keeping clean air filters will help reduce the allergens and dust in your home, but they don’t work if they are already full of debris.


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