Simple Home Maintenance

Many simple home maintenance items only need to be completed once or twice a year.  Maybe that’s why they are many times, not taken care of!  If you are not careful you may end up with a long list of expensive, and possibly could-have-been-prevented repairs later down the road.

Two, big early spring projects are to power-wash and do some routine work on decks, and power-wash the siding.  Two jobs that aren’t difficult, but not a lot of fun to tackle!  However, as with most simple home maintenance they can prolong the life and quality of your property.

A couple of items you might consider putting on your weekend “to do” list are:

  1. Clean gutters and down spouts. Make sure they are draining away from the foundation.
  2. Check outside vents – foundation, clothing dryer vents, attic, etc.
  3. Survey the outside walls of the house for damage or deterioration.

HUDS Center for Healthy Housing has this easy to follow Home Maintenance Checklist which gives great tips for simple items which need to be looked at and/or completed and which season it is best to complete the task.  Since the weather is going to be a little on the wet side for being outside washing siding or cleaning out gutter, it might give you some time to look over the list and make your plans for the next warm weekend!


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