And the Rains Came Down – Or did they?

What a weekend!  Many people were able to enjoy the holiday weekend, see some great fireworks along with some great lightening shows.  At our house we received a lot of rain, which helped us notice there was no water coming down our gutter downspouts!  Although we cleaned our guttering in early spring, it was definitely time for a and maintain gutters

As I climbed the latter, saw the gutters full of debris and finished the job soaking wet from the garden hose, I thought “is there a better way to do this!”  So, here is what I found.

#1 – climbing the latter is better and safer then getting on the roof!  (I didn’t try it, but did think about it)  Also, climbing a latter is the only way to see if the downspouts are completely clear.  Some water may still run out of a clogged spout, but not allow the gutter to completely drain.

#2 – It is best to start at or near the downspout. This way you can make sure it is clear before starting to clean out with a garden hose or power washer.

#3 – it is easier to clean gutters before the debris gets wet!  Lesson learned – clean gutters before a major rain event.

It is also important to notice if there’s still standing water after the gutter has been flushed.  If this is the case, the gutter may not be sloped correctly and will require adjustment. The length of the system should decline at least ¼ inch every 10 feet toward the downspout.

If the gutter doesn’t slope enough, detach the hangers and adjust the gutter enough to drain properly, then reattach. It may be easier to work on small sections at a time to prevent the entire gutter system from falling.

Hope these tips help you as you maintain your home this summer.

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